Jeffrey L. Day

Jeffrey L. Day

CPA, Shareholder

Jeffrey L. Day grew up in Anderson County, Tennessee and started working at age 12. He earned a B.S. in Accounting Magna Cum Laude from Carson Newman College in 1977 where he was that year’s outstanding graduate in Business and Economics. Jeff went on to earn a M.A. in Accountancy (Taxation) from the University of Alabama with high distinction. A skilled speaker, Jeff earned the College of Business Administration’s W. Baker Flowers scholarship award for excellence in teaching as a graduate assistant.

Jeff is a diligent student of the federal income and estate tax statutes. Jeff travels frequently to broaden his knowledge of ethical, holistic tax mitigation and wealth management strategies. He is known to be a powerful listener and a proactive advocate for his clients. You may find your time in conference with Jeff insightful, pragmatic, and challenging. Certainly, you can expect clear and competent advice stemming from a focus on your financial facts and a broad working knowledge of the tax law.

Day & Company applies a proactive, collaborative approach to tax planning to reduce your tax burden. For three decades we have focused on major purchase and sales of asset in business transactions. We have learned to work with trusted transaction and tax attorneys to provide you holistic, balanced business advice so that you can mitigate risk, maximize return, efficiently use collateral, and construct flexible capital structures.

Working together, we shed light on strategies which enhance your market position. Our diverse middle market client base includes advanced manufacturers, physician-controlled entities, intellectual property holders, multi-state real property owners, tax exempt organizations, commercial construction, hotel and restaurant development and operation, and automobile dealerships.

Our disciplined and thoughtful approach to tax practice involves the development of detailed client histories, quarterly and semi-annual budgeting and financial reporting cycles, establishing broad tax mitigation strategies and making clear communications concerning changes and refinements in federal income tax and estate tax law.

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We listen carefully to you, consider your facts and the tax law, and make timely, insightful responses. We work hard to make your efforts a winning team approach. Our focus is to help you strengthen your financial position by providing holistic and tax-efficient business approach advice through decisive interactions. Our taxable transaction advisory history brings analytical depth and business insight to support your long term success. By carefully integrating your tax planning and wealth management strategies, we will enhance your wealth accumulation and improve your after-tax rates of return.