We offer advanced accounting services to support our diverse base of middle market clients. We work with clients throughout the year to provide current, timely data to accurately forecast cash flow and results of operations. With this level of financial insight, you are better equipped to make sound business decisions.

Under the accounting umbrella, we offer:

Compiled and reviewed financial statements
Cash flow forecasts and projections
QuickBooks tutoring, installation, training, and maintenance
General Ledger software selection and implementation

Tax Planning

We know your top priorities are paying less tax and keeping more of your hard-earned profits. This is best accomplished with comprehensive tax planning. Whether it is tax planning for corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, or individuals, our experienced tax strategists work with you year round to develop a highly personalized plan with tax-saving strategies tailored to your situation.

We continually look for ways to minimize your tax liabilities and maximize your after-tax dollars. We are diligent about keeping current on the tax laws and regulations that affect you. We are committed to examining all the tax-saving opportunities available to you—while remaining in the spirit of the tax law.

Consider all we can do for you:

Advanced tax planning services including corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, spin-offs, split-offs and split ups

Partnership tax planning including tiered partnerships, Family LLCs and Series LLCs

Multi-generational estate planning

Interpretation of emerging tax legislation to adapt business and personal tax planning strategies

Advanced tax planning involving integration of Federal income tax, Federal estate tax, and foreign tax strategies

Estate planning for complex estates and complex family relationships

Tax Return Preparation


We are disciplined tax compliance strategists with an advanced knowledge of IRS practice and procedure. We believe that the preparation of your annual tax return should clearly and concisely reflect the correct execution of your tax planning strategies. Our firm is experienced in nuanced tax return disclosures and integration of complex tax planning strategies into clear and readable tax returns.

Working with your tax attorney, our firm has the capacity to reconstruct data, investigate corporate and partnership financial irregularities, prepare clear reports on controversies, and provide supporting evidence to resolve business transactions with significant or indeterminate tax consequences.

We are long-experienced in the resolution of tax matters at the IRS Examination and Appeals stages. Our industry depth and well-researched recommendations have frequently served clients well in the context of tax exams and appeals conferences with the Commissioner.

Our firm is experienced in the efficient resolution of complex and dangerous prior year tax positions. We have substantial and direct experience in supporting the diffusion of or the defense of IRS/Department of Justice Criminal Investigation Division referrals and prosecutions. We are employed by tax and criminal attorneys to complete amended tax returns to reflect economic realities using nuanced disclosures or to construct factual defenses for trial.

Wealth Management Services

Financial security is something we all desire, but we do not always know how to plan appropriately to achieve it. That’s where our experience and insight come in. At Day & Company, we provide comprehensive wealth management services, designed to offer peace of mind where your financial security is concerned. We work to guide you in several areas and develop a sound and effective plan for your future.

Consider all we offer:

Objective review of valuations of closely held assets of business interests

Foreign earned income and housing exclusion planning

Analysis and construction of advanced estate planning techniques, including family Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and Partnerships

Advanced charitable gifting

Trust planning and financial reporting

Asset Protection Trusting (Self-settled Trust Planning) under the 2007 Tennessee Investment Services Act
Through our affiliate Day Wealth Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser, we offer comprehensive, fiduciary retirement investment counsel:

Integrated Tax & Investment Advising—We are equipped to concurrently consider the tax, business, and investment management impact of a proposed course of action. As such, integrated tax and investment planning is the cornerstone of our service model. Part of our approach is to understand your overall financial situation and work toward integrating your tax and estate planning into your wealth management planning.

We manage investment grade portfolios as fee-based fiduciary investment adviser representatives. Our strategies involve custom fitting risk and return goals to guide you toward wealth accumulation.

Additionally, we have the capability to work with clients to understand their income needs as they look into retirement.

Retirement Planning—We assist companies, small businesses, and individuals in establishing and refining qualified retirement plans, including 401(k) plans, Profit-Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, SEP-IRAs, Traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs.

Consulting Services

Operating a mid-market business is complex and time consuming. It can also be difficult to find the proper resources to consult on business growth, sustainability, and succession. We’ve been a dedicated coach to middle market clients for decades, helping people understand everything from entity selection to multi-generational estate and business succession planning.

Consider our consulting options:

Advanced financial statement analysis

Shareholder buy/sell agreements

Family and business succession planning

Complex and multi-generational estate planning

Tax leveraged retirement plan design and operation, including 401(k) and 403(b) savings, money purchase, profit sharing, cash balance, and defined benefit plans

Profit improvement and value development strategies

Advisory services related to business valuation, financial management, business operations, strategic divestiture, and leveraged business acquisitions

CFO & Controller Services

Clients transitioning from small businesses to the middle market frequently need CFO and Controller by the hour services. We believe these services should be transitional in nature as you work to build your own internal accounting staff. Our professionals can consult by the hour on a variety of business consulting matters along with controller services to facilitate the preparation of interim financial planning, interim financial reporting, budgeting, segmented reporting, and financial forcasting.

Our Services

Services that Shed Light on Your Financial Potential
Accurate and timely financial data is vital for the success of your business. Let us provide you with efficient solutions that will help you achieve your financial objectives. We offer a full range of services for all of your accounting, tax planning and preparation, taxable transaction advisory, and wealth management needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will provide you with the decisive service that has become Day & Company’s signature trademark.

Please consider the following to identify the service options that best serve your business needs.